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The Honorable
Gerald L. Baliles

“I believe that the future of Virginia’s rural areas lies in its commitment to education.  As education goes, so goes the future of rural counties… 

In Patrick County, the new Foundation has planted the seeds of education and is now involved in nurturing, watering and tending to the new growth….the season for planting is upon all of us and we must get on with the work required of us.”



We are the Patrick County Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded as an education-based economic development initiative serving the people of Patrick County, Virginia. 

Our Foundation began in 2001 in response to the significant economic changes taking place throughout our County, our region and our nation.  As we watched the rapid decline in our critical textile, timber and tobacco industries, it became clear that we were witnessing a fundamental shift from a labor-driven economy to one reliant on education and information.  If our citizens are to fully participate in this new and emerging economy, Patrick County must acquire the new economy’s capital—education.  It must become our County’s top priority. 

The Patrick County Education Foundation is providing the strong, focused leadership needed to make this happen.  Our mission:  By 2011, raise the education attainment levels of our County’s citizens from among the lowest in Virginia to one of the top 5 rural counties:

  • In citizens with a high school education,
  • In high school students going to college, and
  • In the implementation of a working and effective program of workforce initiatives.

Only through achieving this ambitious initiative can we attract the vibrant new industries and quality employment opportunities to assure Patrick County citizens of a bright economic future.

We hope you will want to become part of this exciting initiative!  Our success depends on the support and participation of many individuals, organizations and corporations.  The clock is ticking… Please join us in building a brighter tomorrow for Patrick County, Virginia! Thanks for payday loan lenders!